1. Seattle Peace Chorus videos (for download only)

    Download: Together Apart


    Now we seek to help our neighbor,
    Working together apart,
    Doing our part for friend and for stranger,
    Love at a distance spanned by the heart.

    Seattle Peace Chorus thanks the Action Ensemble “Together Apart” Virtual Choir:

    • Guitarist
      • Nedra Gaskill
    • Sopranos
      • Martha Baskin
      • Patricia Clayton
      • Margarita Muñoz
      • Nikki Nichols
      • Rosalyn Schiller
      • Mary Wilson
    • Altos (including borrowed sopranos)
      • Dee Knapp
      • Emily Leslie
      • Zarifah Spain
      • Cindy Talley
      • Wendy Zieve
    • Tenors
      • Doug Balcom, composer and ensemble director
      • Jeff Carter
      • Sue Hurley Rector
    • Basses
      • Steve Bauck
      • Stephen Ernst
      • David Matthews
      • Dale Rector

    Canto General, performed by Seattle Peace Chorus, Town Hall Seattle, 8 June 2019

    1. Download: Algunas Bestias
    2. Download: Vegetaciones
    3. Download: Amor America
    4. Download: A Emiliano Zapata
    5. Download: Lautaro
    6. Download: Neruda Requiem
    7. Download: Lautaro
    8. Download: Sandino
    9. Download: America Insurrecta
    10. Download: A Mi Partido
    11. Download: Los Libertadores
    12. Download: Voy a Vivir

    Lyric sheets and slides:

    1. Download: 2019CantoGeneralLyrics.pdf
    2. Download: 2019CantoGeneralLyricsShow.pdf

    Seattle Peace Chorus directed and conducted by Frederick N. West, with Nadia Tarnawsky, alto soloist, and Jonathan Silvia, baritone Soloist. Music by Mikis Theodorakis, lyrics by Pablo Neruda.

    In Collaboration With:

    Tom Bell – Accompanist/Piano 1, Charles Hiestand – Piano 2, Jakob Phipps – Double Bass, Sarah Bassingthwaighte – Flute 1, Cassie Lear – Flute 2, Josefina Mutascu – Flute 3, Elizabeth Brown – Guitar 1, Mark Hilliard – Guitar 2, Storm Tucker – Guitar 3, Dr. Miho Takekawa – Percussion 1, Matt Kusche – Percussion 2, Emmy Ulmer – Timpani


    Martha Baskin*, Miriam Blau, Julie Buchans, Jessica Cherry, Carol Dansereau, Julie Eriksen, Lindsay Fallert, Dee Knapp, Emily Leslie, Jessica McCoy, Nikki Nichols, Rosalyn Schiller


    Elizabeth Alexander, Rosemary Bell, Meta Chessin, Martha Cohen, Mary Giordano, Alicia Henson, Sue Hurley Rector*, Anita Lenges, Kelsey Merrick, Julie O’Connor, Molly Ryan, Kris Zawisza, Wendy Zieve


    Doug Balcom, Jeff Carter, Bill Cote*, Joe Knight, Kevin O’Connor Sylvain Slaton Karel Stephers


    Bob Andrews, Steve Bauck, Christopher LeeKeenan, David Matthews, Dale Rector, Tom Sharp, Straton Spyropoulos, Markos Weiss*

  2. Seattle Sings Choral Festival, 8 October 2015

  3. Songs, Marimbas, & Schubert for our Children, 4 June 2016

    Seattle Peace Chorus presents “Songs, Marimbas, & Schubert for our Children” poster

    Schubert’s Mass in G, and Cantata for the Children by Frederick N. West, 4 June 2016, University Congregational Church, Seattle

    15 tracks.

    Featuring Alexandra Picard (soprano), Denise Schlickbernd (alto), Justin Ferris (tenor), Steve Tachell (baritone), Thione and Gora Diop (drums).

    1. Mass in G - Kyrie
    2. Mass in G - Gloria
    3. Mass in G - Credo
    4. Mass in G - Sanctus
    5. Mass in G - Benedictus
    6. Mass in G - Agnus Dei
    7. Cantata for the Children - Oh How Glorious / It Takes a Whole Village
    8. Cantata for the Children - All of My Heart
    9. Cantata for the Children - You Are a Miracle
    10. Cantata for the Children - The Lion Walked
    11. Cantata for the Children - The Beacon (to the spirit village)
    12. Cantata for the Children - In Every Man there Is a Father
    13. Cantata for the Children - I Believe
    14. Cantata for the Children - Her Name Is Africa
    15. Cantata for the Children - Rain Still Talks to Me