Seattle Peace Chorus - Trip to Cuba - 2016

In response to President Obama’s diplomatic overtures to Cuba, the chorus embarked on a trip of citizen-to-citizen diplomacy. Forty-three choristers took a message of goodwill to Havana, Matanzas, Santa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, and Cienfuegos. We traveled with gospel master Kent Stevenson and sang with Cuban choirs and students.

Tom Berry filmed and produced this documentary.

Tom Berry filmed and edited this composite of the Seattle Peace Chorus singing in several locations in Cuba.

Here we have two highlights of our trip to Cuba—a performance of Shenandoah by the Matanzas Chamber Choir, and a rehearsal of the Nutcracker by students at Escuela de las Artes in Santa Clara. The boy is eleven years old; the girl is twelve.


We pooled our photos and videos and one of our alto singers, Liz Douthitt Sharp, produced this sixteen-minute overview.