In January 2019, Seattle Peace Chorus traveled to San Antonio, El Paso, Tucson, Tijuana, and Riverside California to share our message that “Music Crosses Borders,” to raise money for nonprofit organizations that are helping refugees and asylum-seekers, and to learn about the conditions that we face along our southern border. We returned to Seattle on 3 February even more committed to sing out for the rights of people fleeing horrible conditions elsewhere.

Here are recommendations for donations to shelters and organizations on both sides of the US-Mexico border that are working on behalf of migrants and refugees.

Annunciation House - El Paso

Website: Needs of the House

“JULY 2018 UPDATE: In the last few months, we have been providing hospitality for 400-600 migrants and refugees each week, most of them recently released by ICE (including some parents awaiting reunification with their separated children). At this time, we ask most urgently for financial donations rather than specific material items. This allows us to buy exactly what we need and respond in real time to the changing needs of our guests. It also lightens the work and cost of sorting, transporting, and storing donated goods. As always, we are incredibly grateful for your support.

“Many people ask about the needs of our people and our houses. Almost any item that is basic to a family household we can use and use abundantly. It is a joy for us to be able to share our needs with you. And it is God’s grace that allows us to beg from our poverty on behalf of our guests and the many who depend on us, if even for but a single night of hospitality.”

How to help:

Mission Society of Saint Columban

Website: Columban Mission Center - El Paso

As a Columban donor, you play a vital role in bringing Christ to people living on the margins of society in some of the poorest countries on earth. The world can be a cold, dark and unwelcoming place. Together we can warm it and brighten it with the bright light of Christ.

In partnership we:

  • Feed the hungry by helping them find ways to feed themselves
  • Care for the sick who cannot afford medical care
  • Educate the poor to help them end their poverty
  • Cross boundaries of culture and country to build vibrant faith communities, enabling people to create better futures for themselves and their children.
How to help:
  • Donate online.
  • If you can volunteer to help at a shelter in El Paso, you may be able to stay at the Center.
  • Checks and correspondence:
    • Fr. Robert Mosher
    • 816 Magoffin Aveune
    • El Paso, Texas 79901

Casa Alitas - Tucson

Website: Aid to Migrant Women and Children

“You can touch the lives of migrant women and children arriving in our community through your donation to Catholic Community Services.”

How to help:
  • Donate online. We need and appreciate your monetary donations.
  • Donate travel, household or personal items.  Bring your donations to:
    • Catholic Community Services
    • 140 W. Speedway, Blvd., Suite 130
    • Tucson, AZ 85705
  • If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at or 520-591-6390. Thank you!

Interfaith Welcome Coalition - San Antonio

Website: Mission and Vision

“Interfaith Welcome Coalition (IWC) is a faith-based movement meeting the changing needs of asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants in collaboration with others.”

“The Interfaith Welcome Coalition has helped thousands of women and children who have traveled a long distance seeking asylum from the violence of their homeland. The work of the IWC requires countless hours from volunteers who provide a friendly welcome to asylum seekers at the bus station and airport; backpacks of supplies for their long journey to family; education on immigration to groups seeking information; and advocacy on behalf of asylum seekers, refugees and at risk immigrants to lawmakers, government officials and all who have the power to make their journey better. In addition to the many volunteer hours, the continued operation and effectiveness of the IWC depends on donations from people who feel strongly about the injustice of imprisoning mothers and their children seeking asylum and a life free from persecution.”

How to help:
  • Donate online.
  • Get involved.
  • Take action.
  • You may donate directly to the IWC by mailing or delivering contributions to
    • University Presbyterian Church
    • 300 Bushnell
    • San Antonio, TX 78212

Kino Border Initiative - Nogales

Website: What We Do

“Before the Kino Border Initiative was founded in January of 2009, a needs assessment was conducted to determine whether a new migrant ministry should be inaugurated along the border between Arizona and Sonora. Potential stakeholders were interviewed on both sides of the border, and they identified the need for humanitarian assistance for deported migrants in Nogales, Sonora, the vulnerability of women and children to abuse and exploitation and the opportunity to raise awareness about the reality of migration and its effects. Also, since migration is a multinational phenomenon, it was recommended that a new project be binational in scope.

“In light of this feedback, the Kino Border Initiative was set up to work with one foot on each side of the Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. As a faith-based organization, the KBI strives to respond to the most critical needs by respecting the God-given dignity of the human person and by fostering bi-national solidarity through humanitarian assistance, education and research/advocacy.”

How to help:
  • Donate online.
  • Mail or drop off all in-kind donations at
    • 81 N. Terrace Ave.
    • Nogales AZ, 85621
  • Mail donations by check to
    • PO Box 159
    • Nogales, AZ 85628-0159

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) - United States/Seattle

Website: Who We Are

Kids in Need of Defense provides support and legal representation for children who have been sent to Washington State on their own or after separation from parents. KIND also advocates for laws and policies to protect children’s right to due process.

How to help:

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project - Seattle

Website: About NWIRP

Keeping families together, protecting people from violence, and standing up to injustice

“We believe access to justice shouldn’t depend on where you are born or how much money you have.”

How to help:

El Centro de la Raza - Seattle

Website: About Us


  • Advocacy and services to the Latino community, including migrants
  • Child and youth programs
  • Human and emergency services
  • Education and asset-building programs
  • Environmental justice
How to help:
  • Donate online.
  • Wish list: Office supplies, food and kitchen supplies, baby supplies, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and craft supplies.

Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest (AIDNW) - Kent

Website: Who We Are

  • Phone and visitation to ease the isolation of detained immigrants
  • Welcome Center and Post-Detention Accompaniment Network (PDAN) safe release services and social and community assimilation support
  • Hospitality House to ensure newly released immigrants a safe environment
How to help:

World Relief Seattle

Website: Refugees and Immigrants Welcomed by Community, Rooted in Community, & Empowered for Community

“Refugees and immigrants bravely leave behind everything familiar to seek safety, a life free from fear, and the chance for a new start. At World Relief Seattle, we come alongside these new neighbors by providing support and care through their first months and years of transition as an investment in future generations.”

How to help: