Seattle Peace Chorus will proudly present our fall 2020 virtual concert “Freedom Rings!”

Freedom Rings, Seattle Peace Chorus, 24 & 25 October 2020

Additional guest artists:

  • Singer from the Haida tribe—Sondra Segundo
  • Renown African-American dancer—Chris Daigre

Seattle Peace Chorus presents:
Freedom Rings!

  • Jason Turner, soloist, “A Change Is Gonna Come”
  • “Let America Be America Again” – musical setting of the poetry of Langston Hughes & other songs inviting all citizens to open their hearts and participate in our democracy.
  • Jimi Malary, baritone soloist, and Sondra Segundo, Haida soloist, “Let America Be America Again”
  • Chris Daigre, renown African-American dancer
  • The Courage Ensemble, with Reverend Dr. Kelle Brown, soloist, Emmy Ulmer on timpani, and guest conductor Kenya Léger
  • Shades of Praise Choir, directed by Kent Stevenson
  • Gretchen Yanover on cello
  • and more

Scroll down for our program and links to other materials.


At 5:30 pm PDT this evening (Sunday), a link will appear below to direct you to our premiere concert on YouTube. We encourage you after that time to try the link, making sure that you can get to the concert, then to return here for the concert program, our October “Peace & Justice” newsletter, and view the videos that we have already released. The concert program is below.

This show is free, but if you would be willing to support our work, please donate what you would pay for a ticket: $10, $15, $20, or $25. Your donation is tax deductible; Seattle Peace Chorus is a 501C-3 nonprofit organization.

Thank you!

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The countdown timer above shows how much time before the show starts. Try out the button below to jump to the concert, then come back here for the program and other materials.

Open “Freedom Rings!”

Program: Freedom Rings!

Our concert features 11 numbers, with no intermission. It lasts just under 70 minutes. After Sunday, individual numbers will be on YouTube and linked from this program. This concert was produced by the Seattle Peace Chorus with artistic director Frederick N. West, in collaboration with Kent Stevenson. Engineering by Doug Balcom, Dr. Charles Hiestand, Liz Douthitt Sharp, and Orlando Morales.

A Change Is Gonna Come

  • Song by Sam Cooke
  • Soloist: Jason Turner
  • Piano accompaniment: Kent Stevenson
  • Video production: Doug Balcom
  • Watch now: on YouTube

We Shall Be Known by the Company We Keep

  • Song by Karisha Longaker of MaMuse
  • Tenor soloist: Doug Balcom
  • Soprano soloist: Miriam Blau
  • Audio production: Dr. Charles Hiestand
  • Video production: Doug Balcom
  • Watch now: on YouTube

Narrative - A Vision of the Heart of America

  • Written by Frederick N. West
  • Readers: Frederick N. West, Martha Baskin, Lila Henderson
  • Background music: “Hold the Space,” composed and performed by Gretchen Yanover
  • Audio and video production: Liz Douthitt Sharp

All Good People

  • Song by Ian and Eric Hölljes of Delta Rae
  • Arrangement: Lisa Forkish
  • Ensemble direction: Doug Balcom
  • Basses: Wakil Matthews, Markos Weiss
  • Altos: Michelle Lewis, Claire Sanders, Kris Zawisza
  • Tenor: Doug Balcom
  • Soprano: Martha Baskin, Miriam Blau, Pat Clayton
  • Audio and video production: Doug Balcom
  • Watch now: on YouTube
  • #SayTheirNames:
    • Sharonda Colman-Singleton, 45
    • Cynthia Hurd, 54
    • Susie Jackson, 87
    • Ethel Lance, 70
    • Depayne Middleton-Doctor, 49
    • Clementa Pinckney, 41
    • Tywanza Sanders, 26
    • Daniel Simmons, 74
    • Myra Thompson, 59
    • Emmett Till, 14
    • Medgar Evers, 37
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. 39
    • Fred Hampton, 21
    • Elton Hayes, 17
    • Sharon Walker, 33
    • Ricky Byrdsong, 43
    • Kathryn Johnston, 92
    • Deaunta Farrow, 12
    • Aiyana Stanley-jones, 7
    • Trayvon Martin, 17
    • Gabriel Winzer, 25
    • Eric Garner, 43
    • Michael Brown, 18
    • Tamir Rice, 12
    • Sandra Bland, 28
    • Che Taylor, 47
    • Alton Sterling, 37
    • Philando Castile, 32
    • Charleena Lyles, 30
    • Botham Jean, 26
    • Dominique Clayton, 32
    • Ahmaud Arbery, 25
    • Breonna Taylor, 26
    • George Floyd, 46
    • Jonathan Price, 31

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

  • Folk song based on the traditional song, “Gospel Plow”
  • Traditional lyrics with new lyrics by Kent Stevenson
  • Performed by guest choir Shades of Praise:
    • Yvonne Brandon
    • Raedene Copeland
    • Carole Crowder
    • KT Fajardo
    • Sara Jane Johnson
    • Terri Lawrence
    • Kena Legér
    • John Lewis
    • Dave Tawatao
    • Russell Salazar
  • Conductor: Michael Allen
  • Drums: Joseph Phillips
  • Piano, arrangement, and direction: Kent Stevenson
  • Audio and video production: Orlando Morales, Dr. Charles Hiestand

The Women’s Vote

On the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment granting American women the right to vote.

  • Video presentation by Liz Douthitt Sharp
  • “The March of the Women” by Cecily Hamilton and Ethyl Smyth, performed by Seattle Peace Chorus
  • “Daughters of Freedom! The Ballot be Yours” by Edwin Christie
  • Additional music based on theme of “Daughters of Freedom,” by Liz Douthitt Sharp
  • Dedicated to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Watch now: on YouTube

Bridges, Not Walls

  • Song by Doug Balcom
  • Performed by Seattle Peace Chorus, directed by Frederick N. West
  • Soloist: Doug Balcom
  • Pianist: Tom Bell
  • Congas: Ernesto Pediangco
  • Text by Dale Rector
  • Video production: Liz Douthitt Sharp
  • Watch now: on YouTube

Narration of “Let America Be America Again”

  • Poem by Langston Hughes
  • Introduction: Angela Castenda
  • Piano background: arranged and performed by Kent Stevenson
  • Speakers in order of appearance:
    • Kenya Léger, as the poet Langston Hughes
    • Ayanna Eagan
    • Lester Pearson
    • Rosalyn Schiller
    • James Adams
    • James Adams II
    • Christopher Adams
    • Torito Keoni LeBord
    • Philip Villanueva
    • Cleven Ticeson
    • Sharon Dobie
    • Judith Hightower
    • Kent Stevenson
    • Dave Tawatao
    • Teotha Dennard
    • Helena Stephens
  • Musical backdrop: Kent Stevenson
  • Producer: Kent Stevenson
  • Video production: Doug Balcom
  • Watch now: on YouTube

Let America Be America Again

  • Poetry of Langston Hughes set to music by Frederick N.West
  • Performed by Seattle Peace Chorus, directed by Frederick N. West
  • Choreography and dancing: Chris Daigre
  • Baritone soloists: Jimi Malary, Jason Turner
  • Alto soloist: Haida singer Sondra Segundo
  • Musicians:
    • Trumpet: Rudy Harper, Matthew Swihart
    • Horn: Erica Bramwell
    • Trombone: Greg Powers
    • Tuba: Nate Lee
    • Oboe: Rosemary Bell
    • Percussion: Indy Correa, Diego Coy
    • Conga: Arturo Rodriguez
    • Maracas: Fucho Aparicio
    • Timpani: Katie Hurst
    • Singers:
      • Sopranos: Martha Baskin, Miriam Blau, Pat Clayton, Peggy Hannon, Dee Knapp, Emily Leslie, Michelle Lewis, Nikki Nichols, Rosalyn Schiller
      • Altos: Donna Austin, Donene Blair, Meta Chessin, Martha Cohen, Julie Eriksen, Sue Hurley Rector, Molly Ryan, Sherry Tuinstra, Kris Zawisza, Wendy Zieve
      • Tenors: Doug Balcom, Sylvain Slaton
      • Basses: Steve Bauck, Stephen Ernst, Wakil David Matthews, Dale Rector, Tom Sharp, Straton Spyropoulos
    • Singers from 2007:
      • Sopranos: Martha Baskin, Pat Clayton, Carol Dansereau, Paula Eisenrich, Karyll Henry, Dee Knapp, Emily Leslie, Nora Lih, Megan Miller, Margarita Munoz, Nikki Nichols, Sue Pool, Rosa Radding, Rosalyn Schiller, Carmen Shupe, Carol Sinclair
      • Altos: MaryAnne Atkinson, Donna Austin, Carol Brown, Susanna Coco, Connie Coffman, Martha Cohen, Suzanne Grant, Julie Johnson, Dayna Littlejohn, Charlotte Thistle, Mary Waters
      • Tenors: Doug Balcom, Don Bell, Andy Bereson, Jeff Carter, Dave Dittemore, Tim Hoffman, Sergio Urrutia
      • Basses: Steve Bauck, Geoff Cole, Stephen Ernst, Kevin Finney, Rolf Hahne, Steve Johnson, Marv Kvamme, Steph Newell-Niggemeyer, Dale Rector, Markos Weiss
    • Audio production and mastering: Dr. Charles Hiestand
    • Video production and image compilation: Doug Balcom

    Courage My Soul

    • Virtual choir presentation of “The Storm Is Passing Over”
    • Song by Charles Albert Tindley - Gospel tune by Donald Vails
    • Arrangement: Kent Stevenson
    • Additional lyrics and timpani part by Frederick N. West
    • Performed by the Seattle Peace Chorus and friends, along with the Courage Ensemble
    • Soloist: Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown
    • Pianist: Kent Stevenson
    • Timpanist: Emmy Ulmer
    • Co-producer: Kent Stevenson
    • Audio production: Dr. Charles Hiestand
    • Video production: Doug Balcom
    • Presented in memory of the late, great civil rights leader, Congressman John Lewis
    • Watch now: on YouTube

    Handbell choir

    • “Amazing Grace,” directed by Frederick N. West
    • Choir:
      • Liz Douthitt Sharp
      • Lila Henderson
      • Donene Blair
      • Kent Stevenson
      • Emily Leslie
      • Tom Sharp
    • Videographer: John Slater
    • Audio production: Liz Douthitt Sharp

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    Seattle Peace Chorus receives support for this concert from:

    Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions Washington State Arts Commission National Endowment for the Arts Seattle Office of Arts & Culture King County 4 Culture