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  2. In addition to tickets and grants, the chorus depends on donations from individuals and businesses.
  3. Come to our annual fundraising dinner, Feast for Peace.
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4th Annual Feast for Peace

Great food, desserts, wine, entertainment, and a warm welcome!

Feast for Peace, Saturday 7 April 2018 – 5:30 – 9:00 pm

Mount Baker Community Club
2811 Mount Baker Drive South, Seattle, WA 98144

Tickets are only $65. And you may sponsor the Seattle Peace Chorus as an individual or as a business.

Individual sponsor levels are $75 - Peace Supporter, $100 - Peace Activist, $150 - Peace Advocate, and $200 or more - Peace Angel. To become an individual sponsor, contact Emily Leslie at eleslie@comcast.net.

Our business sponsorship levels have increasingly valuable benefits. See details on business sponsorship here, and contact Jeff Carter at carterlundberg2@gmail.com.

This event should be enjoyed by anyone who is 21 or older.

This year, we built on previous years’ successes:

Celebrating 35 years of waging peace through music.

All proceeds raised at the event are critical to support our ongoing work.
This will be the Chorus’ major fundraising event this year.

We are seeking event sponsorships from both businesses and individuals

To become a Business Sponsor, please contact Jeff Carter at Carterlundberg2@gmail.com.
To become an Individual Sponsor, please contact Emily Leslie at eleslie@comcast.net.
Questions? Email support@seattlepeacechorus.org or call 206.264.5532

At any time, please feel free to make your donations through PayPal.

Donating to the Seattle Peace chorus not only helps bring the messages of peace and understanding to our communities and world, it’s also easy to do! We are a 501C-3 nonprofit organization, so donations are tax-deductible.

Click on the button below to donate on our secure site. Thank you for helping to support the Seattle Peace Chorus.

We Thank our Business Sponsors