Staff for issue 1.2

Executive editor: Donna Austin
Webmaster and copy editor: Tom Sharp
Special thanks to:
Julie Eriksen, Lila Henderson, and Fred West
and to our contributing writers

Contributing Writers

Dee Knapp, “Peaceful Communications in Turbulent Times”

Dee Knapp is president of Accord and Collaboration Services. She does extensive work on conflict resolution. She sings second Soprano in Seattle Peace Chorus and acts as a liaison/advisor to the chorus on non-violent communication.

Julie Eriksen, “The Power of Words”

Julie Eriksen is a soprano with degrees in psychology and music, who was born in Seattle and currently lives in Bellevue, along with my husband Dwayne, two cats named Cagney and Lacey and a baby junco named Fluffles, who was recently born in a bird nest located in a hanging fuschia basket in our atrium. BLM!

Lila Henderson, “Calling Mr. Rogers”

Lila Henderson is a retired educator. Besides teaching students, including those with disabilities, her experience includes directing student teacher programs at Antioch University and Portland State. Interests include singing, international travel, and art. Her favorite saying is “To whom much has been given, much is required.”

Dale Rector, “What about peaceful communication?”

Dale Rector is a Vietnam veteran, a foreign-language teacher in Seattle, a baritone singing with the Seattle Peace Chorus, and a co-chair of the Seattle Peace Chorus Action Ensemble.