Sign-Up Sheets for Volunteers

Who can volunteer to help with the Feast for Peace?

Date: 28 March 2020

We need volunteers on the day of the Feast for Peace, Saturday 28 March, at Mount Baker Community Center, 2811 Mount Baker Drive South, Seattle, WA 98144. The task and the hours are indicated in parentheses.
Additional descriptions of tasks
Dessert Dash Assistant: Assist Dessert Dash lead with setting and arranging desserts on dessert tables. Place dessert table cards. Write additional cards as needed. Organized, good at staging, an aesthetic eye, legible handwriting.
Spotter: Stand in designated place in the room, alert the auctioneer to the bids and call out the bidder numbers. Meet with the auctioneer beforehand. High-energy, can read nonverbal cues.

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What Available Spots
Decor lead (3-5 pm) #1: Dicof D.
Decor Assistant (3-5 pm) #1: Likcof L.
Centerpieces (3-5 pm) #1: Dicof D.
Dessert Dash Lead (3-5 pm) - Check-in desserts. Store desserts in fridge until ready to set. Set and arrange desserts on dessert tables. Organized, good at staging, an aesthetic eye. #1: Dicof D.
Dessert Dash - set up, place cards (3-5 pm) #1: cof c.
Pre-event setup; tables, registration tables, place collateral, place parking signs, etc.l (4-5 pm) #1: Dicof D.
#2: Dicof D.
Check-in table host (4-6 pm) #1: Dicof D.
#2: cof c.
Lead bartender (5-9 pm) #1: Dicof D.
Bartender (5-9 pm) #1: cof c.
Wine server (5-9 pm) #1: narkcami n.
#2: narkcami n.
Greeter (5-6 pm) #1: narkcami n.
#2: narkcami n.
Coat checker (5-6 pm) #1: narkcami n.
Clean-up Assistant (5-6 pm) #1: narkcami n.
#2: narkcami n.
#3: narkcami n.
Recorder for Raise the Paddle and Last One Standing (7-9 pm) - Sit at recording table near stage and record bid numbers as the auctioneer calls them out. Fast pace, good hearing, legible handwriting. #1: narkcami n.
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Spotter for Raise the Paddle and "Last One Standing" (7-9 pm) #1: Sign up »
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