Seattle Peace Chorus presents: Freedom Rings-Get out the vote!
“Let America Be America Again” – musical setting of the poetry of Langston Hughes & other songs inviting all citizens to open their hearts and participate in our democracy.

  • with guest soloist-Jason Turner
  • Reverend Dr. Kelle Brown
  • Shades of Praise Choir, directed by Kent Stevenson
  • The Courage Ensemble
  • guest conductor: Kenya Leger
  • Timpani: Emmy Ulmer
  • Baritone soloist: Jimi Mallory
  • and more

1. “We Shall Be Known by the Company We Keep”

  • by Mamuse- I need help getting permission from Mamuse

  • words- “what a time to be alive in this great turning we shall learn to lead with love”

  • Doug and Miriam - duet ( which Doug has already recorded ) but we will re-record this piece
  • 3 minutes
  • Narrative about the Heart of America- written and spoken by Fred
  • fiddle solo playing in the back round
  • Ashogun Farewell
  • 3.5 minutes

2. We who believe in Freedom mashup of different SPC singers

We are skipping this for now.

3. All Good People- small ensemble

composed by Delta Rae, arranged by Lisa Forkish

4. Drum intro

5. Keep Your Eye on the Prize

6. Liz Douthitt-Sharp presents- 100th anniversary of passage of the 19th amendment

  • dedicated women succeed in their long and difficult struggle to gain the vote
  • 10 minutes

7. Bridges not Walls

  • SW states tour-photo essay
  • narrative by Dale Rector-to be shown in script -not spoken
  • we need our best recording of Doug’s iconic song
  • Bridges Not Walls by Doug Balcom. Soloist Doug Balcom
  • 5 minutes

8. Solo Voice - Jason Turner - Change is Gonna Come

9. Narration of “Let America Be America Again”

  • will be speakers from Shades of Praise and Martha Baskin
  • Kenya Leger is featured as the Poet -Langston Hughes
  • they will provide this
  • 2007 reading
  • 4 minutes

10. “Let America Be America Again”

  • poetry of Langston Hughes set to music by Frederick N.West
  • solo voices of Jason Turner and Jimi Mallory
  • Title Description Actions
    LABAA.pdf Let America Be America Again, choral score View
  • please take note of these instructions here:
    • we will begin singing Virtually from bar 61 to bar 116 recording will then play from 117 to down beat of 142 (on the MP3 this is all from 3’48” to 8’28”)
    • then we entirely skip ahead to bar 343-with the recording played until bar 372 the virtual singers come in and sing through to the end along with the recording this is all from 20’55” to 28’33” ( the end)
    • about 13 minutes-greatest hits version-tomorrow we will listen to this edited version. This will also feature some choreography by Chris Daigre
  • Two excerpts:
    • Measures 61-142 of the 2007 recording  Download: S2007-LABAA-61-142.mp3
    • Measure 343 to the end of the 2007 recording  Download: S2007-LABAA-343-end.mp3
  • The full 2007 recording: Let America Be America Again

11. “Courage my Soul”

  • from the Courage my Soul Project featuring the Seattle Peace Chorus and the Courage Ensemble
  • Soloist - Reverend Dr. Kelle Brown
  • pianist Kent Stevenson
  • conductor-Kenya Leger
  • Timpani -Emmy Ulmer
  • a virtual production, titled “Courage My Soul,” our version of Charles Albert Tindley’s composition, “The Storm Is Passing Over,” arranged by Kent Stevenson, and with lyrics by Tindley and Frederick N. West, in collaboration with the Courage Ensemble led by Kent Stevenson
  • 8’30” minutes

(narration about the song and Freedom Rings)

12. Amazing Grace played on our New Handbells

  • 2 minutes recorded in these segments
    C  F     A -ma-
    A G F A    - zing Grace
    G F    D  C    How sweet , the sound
    C F      that saved
    A G F A    a  soul 
    G A C  C    like Me
    A C  A C  A   F    I once was lost
    C D  F F  D C    But now I’m Found
    C  F                was Blind
    A G F A            but now  
    G  F                  I see
    6 bells
  • honoring Black Lives of 2020
    • the Amaud Aubrey bell low C
    • the George Floyd bell F
    • the Sandra Bland bell A
    • the Jacob Blake bell G
    • the Breonna Taylor bell D
    • the every person bell High C
  • 2 minutes

60 minutes total, with some additional segue words

so directed by FNW September 2020