Thank you for supporting Seattle Peace Chorus during our 2021 virtual fundraiser, 10-14 April 2021, Give for Peace!

We share below empowering videos around non-violent communication, civil rights, nuclear disarmament, gender equality, and radial justice.

Day 1. Peaceful communication
Guest Speaker: Jovino Santos Neto

Day 2. Civil rights
Civil Rights

Day 3. Nuclear disarmament
Guest Speaker: Margarita Muñoz
“Just Beneath Our Clouds of Grey”
This song was recorded and mixed by Mark DiFlorio,
Background vocals by Dale Rector, Sue Hurley Rector, and Rosemary Bell
Tom Bell on keyboard
Rosemary Bell on percussion
Tony Householder on ukelele
Tom Sharp and Liz Douthitt Sharp produced the video.

Day 4. Gender equality
Guest Speaker: Cris Williamson

Day 5. Racial justice
Racial Justice
Guest Speaker: Eddie Rye Jr.
“Let America Be America Again”
Poetry of Langston Hughes set to music by Frederick N.West
Performed by Seattle Peace Chorus, directed by Frederick N. West
Soloist: Jason Turner