Together Apart: a song of community action


Now we seek to help our neighbor,
Working together apart,
Doing our part for friend and for stranger,
Love at a distance spanned by the heart.

Seattle Peace Chorus thanks the Action Ensemble “Together Apart” Virtual Choir:

  • Guitarist
    • Nedra Gaskill
  • Sopranos
    • Martha Baskin
    • Patricia Clayton
    • Margarita Muñoz
    • Nikki Nichols
    • Rosalyn Schiller
    • Mary Wilson
  • Altos (including borrowed sopranos)
    • Dee Knapp
    • Emily Leslie
    • Zarifah Spain
    • Cindy Talley
    • Wendy Zieve
  • Tenors
    • Doug Balcom, composer and ensemble director
    • Jeff Carter
    • Sue Hurley Rector
  • Basses
    • Steve Bauck
    • Stephen Ernst
    • David Matthews
    • Dale Rector